Waste King L-8000 Review (2020)

Waste King L-8000 Legend Series Food Garbage Disposal Review

Does It Deserve All The Good Reviews? As the number 1 best seller in the Garbage Disposals & Parts section on Amazon, you start to wonder how much magic the Waste King L-8000 Food Garbage Disposal can really do…

Jokes aside, though, there are many details you want to know before you invest your money and time.

I have tried to cover everything on this lens here, which includes Power, Reliability, Reviews, Noise and Installation.

The Most Important Product Features At a glance!

Waste King L-8000 specsMost importantly, you want your food waste disposer to be powerful and reliable for many years to come! There are many more product features, but these two are the most important ones I think.


The Waste King L-8000 is equipped with a very powerful, one-horsepower motor. It goes up to a high speed of 2’800 rpm. In other words: power won’t be an issue.


First of all, the swivel impellers are of stainless steel. They reduce jamming really well and you can clean them easily thanks to a removable splash guard.
Secondly, when purchasing the Waste King Legend 8000 on Amazon, it comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion for the rust free grinding components. I don’t think you could make a food waste disposer more reliable than this!

We’ll talk about noise and installation below.

How Much Noise Does The Waste King L-8000 Make?

Especially compared to other stainless steel garbage disposals. One thing you don’t want is your garbage disposer to make a lot of noise in the kitchen. Of course it’s nice to hear it work so you are sure it’s doing the job…

But it shouldn’t be annoying and certainly not embarrassingly loud when you have people coming over.

The good thing is that the Wasteking Disposal is a really “quiet” one. It makes much less noise than many other food waste disposers and this is one of the reasons why it gets so many good reviews.

However, as time passes by, the rubber throat guard that you feed the waste through widens. This can make it cause to become a bit more noisy…

…thankfully, all you need to do is replace it, which is extremely easy. It’s only a few seconds of work and the replacement gasket is only a few dollars.

How To Easily Install The Waste King 8000 Yourself?

Waste King L-8000No plumber needed! So you’ve waited for delivery and then you also have to wait for someone to come and install it. Annoying, right?

Thankfully, the Waste King L-800 comes with the plumb EZ mounting system… This means that you can easily install this food waste disposer yourself without the need of a plumber.

The only difficulty you could encounter is if your previous food waste disposer had the 3 bolts mounting system. If this is the case for you, you will find an easy way to replace it right below. And you can even take a look at my guide on removing a stuck screw here if you run into problems.

All the necessary hardware is included in the package. However, you will require some tools, including a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and a hacksaw.

Moreover, there is already an installed power cord that is 36 inches long. On the front there is also a reset button.

So, total time to install the Waste King L-8000 would probably be 2 hours maximum. And that is even if you usually don’t do this kind of work, take your time and spend a lot of time cleaning thoroughly.

How To Switch From the 3 Bolts to Plumb EZ Mounting System?

It doesn’t get any easier than this 🙂 Here’s another reason why I love the Waste King food garbage disposal so much: everything you’ll do with this, it’s EASY!

So you’ve previously owned a disposal with a 3-bolt mounting system. And the Waste King L-8000 comes with the plumb EZ mounting system. No problem!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get the Waste King 3101 ISE Adapter Kit for around $10.
  2. Exchange two pieces in the EZ mounting system with two pieces from the kit.
  3. Connect the Waste King L-8000 to your sink; it now fits perfectly with a 3-bolt mounting system sink.
  4. Done!

As you can see, the Waste King 3101 ISE Adapter Kit is manufactured by the same company that manufactures the Waste King disposals. So no worries, everything works perfectly well together 😀

More Installation Tips…

In this how to install a garbage disposal guide, I will demonstrate practically anyone can install their disposal themselves. Installing a garbage disposal requires average plumbing and mechanical skills, and usually takes between 1 and 2 ½ hours to complete. Installation may vary depending on whether or not your drain line comes out of the wall or the floor. Ask a sales associate about the right procedure for your home.

An electrical source of power is also needed. If you don’t have one under the sink, you will need to install one. Check with local codes before installation. Some communities have codes that don’t allow disposers because of limits on sewer capacity. They may also require an air gap for a disposer and a dishwasher.

Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your new disposer. For more installation tips please visit our Installing a Garbage Disposer project guide.

Working Smarter

Sometimes the trickiest part of mounting the garbage disposer is lifting it up to lock it into the mounting rings. Using some scrap lumber which can be cut down with one of the best axes in needed, the box the disposer came in or stacking a couple of thick telephone books under the unit will assist you so you don’t have so far to lift.

Some disposers come with a special wrench that turns the impeller if the disposer gets jammed. Keep the wrench and manual together in a location you’ll remember. If you are replacing an existing garbage disposer with the same brand, you may be able to use the existing mounting bracket to make the job easier and quicker.

Operational Tips

A garbage disposal is designed to grind food waste so it can be flushed away. When you are faced with the task of disposing steak bones or other hard food items, discard them in the trash to avoid ending up with a jammed or damaged disposer.

Always disconnect the power before reaching into a disposer. Unplug the unit from the outlet and then turn off the circuit breaker. Never stick your hand into an operating disposer.

There are a number of ways to increase the effectiveness of your disposal and prolong the unit’s life. Follow these few simple suggestions to get the most out of your kitchen’s disposal:

Things to Do

  • Run cold water before, during and after operation
  • Grind small bones to scour grinding chamber
  • Remove silverware and other items from sink before use
  • Use disposal cleaner, deodorizer or citrus peels to freshen up disposal
  • Run the disposal each time you put food in it to reduce corrosion from food acid

Things to Avoid

  • Grinding tobacco products or shellfish if you have a septic tank
  • Reaching into the disposal during use
  • Putting fats or grease into disposal
  • Putting fibrous materials such as celery or corn husks in the disposal

So there it is, a solid review and everything you could want to know about installation. But if there is still something you want to know, just leave a comment below and I will try to respond ASAP, thanks!

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