Kitchen Cabinetry Interior Design Trends

Top Kitchen Cabinetry Interior Design Trends

Kitchen cabinetry is designed for far more than simple storage. It also serves as an integral design element in any kitchen when remodeling. Cabinetry can mean the difference between disjointed and cohesive interior design, so it’s important to know how to go about designing your cabinets as much as any other part of the kitchen.

The following are some of the biggest trends in kitchen cabinetry interior design to consider when redesigning or installing new cabinets in your kitchen.

Open Shelving

While open shelves can look great in some kitchens, it’s not necessarily the best option for every home, according to cabinet maker Jeff Hunt of Scottsdale, Arizona. However, open shelving is one of the best options if you want to prominently display your favorite cutlery set, matching dinnerware, or other interior design pieces that complement the overall look of the kitchen.

If you opt for open shelving, it’s important to be mindful of what you use your cabinets to store, considering everything placed in them will be openly displayed. Every piece you place in your cabinets with open shelving will have some kind of impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen, which can require some more awareness when using them.

In many cases, if you plan on using open shelving, you can store similar-colored kitchen utensils and other items to create a uniform look. You might also consider storing items such as decorative wine bottles or mason jars, or you can place recipe books on your shelving to add a little more of a visual mix.

Transitional Styling

One trend that’s been around for a long time and isn’t going anywhere is transitional styling. The beauty of transitional styling is that you can match it with contemporary kitchen designs as well as you can with a traditional look. If your kitchen consists of both contemporary and traditional elements, transitional styling in your cabinetry will help maintain an even balance.

The versatility of transitional styling is what makes it so timeless. You can use it to create just about any look imaginable ranging from subtle to more dramatic. For instance, you can use Euro-style cabinets in a home built in the 1940s with a more antiquated look. Or you can use traditional shaker-style cabinet doors and paint them an off-white color, which will look well with an ornate chandelier as the centerpiece above the kitchen island.

Ultimately, transitional styling can give your kitchen cabinets and the rest of the room a unique and engaging appearance that blends nostalgia with modernity.

Customized Colors

People have gotten bored with the limited number of color options that used to be available to them when designing the home. Today’s homeowners want to create a unique and original look that imbues character, and color customization is one of the best ways to do so. Using customized colors on kitchen cabinets along with other areas of the kitchen can help make the room stand apart. In many cases, cabinet manufacturers work with paint companies to help give their customers exactly what they want with plenty of color options.

Neutral colors are still among the most popular for homeowners, with color tones such as soft greens, grays, or yellows, but many people also like darker options such as navy blue or black. There’s almost no limit as to the look you can create using custom colors and combinations for your cabinets along with other elements in the kitchen. Feel free to mix and match and see what works in your space.

LED Undercabinet Lighting

LED lighting is one of the most popular options among homeowners today and for good reason: They’re energy-efficient and versatile in their designs and applications. One of the most popular uses for LED lighting today is undercabinet lighting, which can add light to workspaces and complement the kitchen’s ambiance. Using LED lighting strips, you can easily have undercabinet lighting installed with a variety of colors and brightness settings available.

These are some of the most popular trends that we’re likely to see continue in cabinet design, many of which have been around for many years and continue to remain relevant. There’s an unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to today’s cabinetry installations. If you can dream it, you can build it.

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