Hot Tub Gifts

Hot tub gifts for any occasion!

Are you looking for the best hot tub gift to give a friend, co-worker or family member? There are plenty of great gifts to choose from that will fit within your budget.

A floating cooler, table or drink tray is the perfect gift for those who enjoy drinking beer or pop while lounging in their Jacuzzi. Have a friend who loves to play games? They would probably enjoy water proof cards or a water proof Uno game. A water proof radio is a great choice for the friend who likes music.

A portable hot tub is always a huge hit among non-hot tub owners. They are cheap, easy to set up and your friend will be blown away.

Uno H2O To Go Card GameUno H2O To Go Card Game

UNO H2O To Go is the classic UNO game but with a twist. It can be played in a hot tub! The cards are waterproof and are resistant to dirt. It includes a hook to keep the cards organized so you will be ready to play whenever you are relaxing in your hot tub. It is appropriate for 2-10 players and ages 7 and older. It is a fun gift for any hot tub owner who loves card games.

Aura InSPAration Rain FragranceAura InSPAration Rain Fragrance

The Aura 7330 Rain 9-Ounce Fragrance Scent will allow anyone to enhance their hot tub or spa experience with aromatherapy. These scents are designed to be used in a hot tub or spa so they won’t damage the mechanics of the tub. Give the gift of scent with the Aura 7330 Rain 9-Ounce Fragrance Scent

GAME 4360 Waterproof Playing CardsGAME 4360 Waterproof Playing Cards

The GAME 4360 Waterproof Playing Cards are a fun gift for any spa owner. They can be shuffled without being damaged. These cards are made from a 100% waterproof PVC material. These playing cards are the same size as standard cards and include a carrying case. Anyone who loves cards will love this gift.

Spa and Hot Tub Towel Caddy Spa and Hot Tub Towel Caddy – Chrome and Wood

Anyone who owns a hot tub knows how annoying it is to get out of the spa and having to look for your towel because you forgot where you put it. The Spa and Hot Tub Towel Caddy will give your towels a place of their own as well as heating them. Read here about how cold affects hot tubs. No more searching for your towel while you are soaking wet. This caddy is made from wood and chrome. It will look good on any patio or in a gazebo. It can hold two large beach towels.

Big Rubber Bath DuckBig Rubber Bath Duck

Every hot tub needs a rubber ducky. The Big Rubber Bath Duck is a giant rubber duck that looks great in any hot tub. Normal sized rubber ducks are too small for hot tubs and spas but this one is the perfect size. Best of all, it squeaks when you squeeze it!!

God Bless Our Hot TubGOD BLESS OUR HOT TUB Warning Sign funny spa signs

This sign is fun and cheeky. Everyone who sees it will love it. The “God Bless Our Hot Tub” sign is made from durable outdoor plastic and vinyl graphics. It can be placed outdoors and will not fade, rust, bend or break. It is pre-drilled to be hung on the wall. This sign is the perfect gift for friends or family who love a good joke.

Spa CaddySpa Caddy or Side Table (Charcoal Gray)

The Spa Caddy or Side Table attaches directly to the side of the hot tub and can swivel 360 degrees. It can hold glasses, books, cell phones, games and drinks. It is a unique and useful gift for a hot tub owner.

Aura Spazazz Honey Mango CrystalsAura Spazazz Honey Mango Crystals

Aura 7366C Honey Mango Spazazz Crystals are designed to be anti-inflammatory so you can easily relieve stress while soaking in the hot tub. It has an aroma that will arouse your senses. The moisturizing botanical will help add moisture to your skin. The crystals are safe for the spa and are oil free. They also help keep your pool water clean and smelling fresh.

Aura 6950G Aqua Tray Spa Side TableAura AquaTray Spa Side Table Gray

The Aura 6950G Aqua Tray Spa Side Table is an affordable and convenient gift for any hot tub lover. This removable tray attaches to the side of the hot tub without any hardware or tools. It snaps on and off the side of the tub. It great for place for items that you do not want to get wet such as sunglasses, watches or cell phones.

Spa Bar and Counter Leisure Accents Spa Bar and Counter

The Leisure Accents Spa Bar and Counter will complete any patio or hot tub room. It is a great gift for someone who enjoys spending time near in and out of their hot tub. It is a waterproof bar that is a great place for mixing drinks while you are relaxing in the hot tub with friends. This is a great gift for friends or family who enjoy having hot tub or spa parties on their patio.

And there you have it, our top 10 best hot tub gift ideas for any hot tub owner who can afford to include one in their ultimate backyard haven.

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