Hog Ring Pliers

What Are Hog Ring Pliers Used For?

Hog ring pliers are specialty pliers that were designed for the specific purpose of attaching hog rings to a malleable surface, which could be a wire or a cable. They are specifically molded with a type of groove that is designed for hog rings and allows them to be securely clamped as the operator fixes the hog ring into place and are another of a long list of the types of pliers available today. They are primarily found by contractors in the fencing industry, but are also extensively used by upholsterers and auto mechanics, which include those relevant to boating through using hog ring pliers on harbor freight.

1. Set measurements

The operator should first begin his use of hog ring pliers by adjusting the width of the tool. This can be done by forcefully twisting at the thumb screw or knob that is typically positioned to the right hand side of the tool. Opening or closing this aspect of the tool will likewise open or close the mouth of the pliers, which allows the appropriate size to be selected relative to the hog rings and pliers. Generally, clockwise twists will cause the hog ring pliers to open whereas counterclockwise twists will cause the pliers to close similar to slip joint pliers. However, this is not necessarily true for all brands of pliers and the manufacturer’s directions should be consulted before using the tool.

2. Open the jaws

The “mouth”, or jaws, of the pliers must now be opened to be secured on to the hog ring. In order to do so, the operator must forcefully push in opposite directions of the pliers’ handles in order to pop open the jaws. This might take some considerably force as the tool is widely known as being temperamental; especially if it is stored in improper conditions that create rust. Hog ring pliers should ideally be stored within a metal toolbox that is placed in a cool, dry spot whenever they are not being used. Preventive measures like this will ensure a long life for the tool and that it will still be functional when the time comes to use it.

3. Set hog ring

After the operator has opened the jaws of the pliers, then it is time to set the hog ring in place. There are many types of hog rings, but an emerging and popular option is to use stainless steel hog rings. Stainless steel is a weather resistant material that makes it particularly suitable for outdoor applications, which is where these pliers are typically found. Fencers particularly appreciate the aesthetic qualities of stainless steel as the material will not submit to inclement weather and will shimmer provided the household or caretaker of the property practices safe cleaning measures, which could include only cleaning stainless steel products with a stainless steel approved cleaner and microfiber cloth.

4. Secure tool with hog ring

In an almost intuitive movement, the operator should place the open pliers over the grooves of the hog ring. The specialty mold of the tool should fix itself instantly with the hog ring. The operator should now see his tool positioned in a vertical manner or whatever way he or she feels most comfortably.

5. Secure hog ring

Now, the operator of the tool should squeeze the handles tightly to close the hog ring in place. When sealed, the tips of the hog rings should be touching and give an impression of strength in comparison to an unused hog ring. The operator can verify the seal by gently tugging at the tips of the hog rings. If it is secured to the surface, then the hog ring should remain in place or interact with its environment according to what is to be expected of it, which could be sliding along a wire. If this is not the case, then the operator must remove the hog ring by cutting through it with appropriate wire cutters and re-attempting to clamp or secure it by following the steps above.

Hog ring pliers are a versatile tool that can be found useful for many household applications. They are generally regarded as a specialty tool, so purchase prices can fluctuate. However, many leading building center locations are known to stock these pliers and it is likely that they can be sourced for relatively low costs from leading businesses and establishments. It is up to the operator to be crafty in his or her purchases as it is likely that specialty tools can be stocked for extraordinarily high prices. It is therefore prudent to exercise smart shopping habits by searching for the best possible deal, which is even easier when purchasing from an Internet-based dealer or tool business.

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